The images of the series presented here can be considered as individual works, not dependent on each other because they do not want sequentially document the same story. Each picture evokes different imaginary worlds but still joined together by the same language. The world of dreams is the matrix in which is expressed the figure of a character who has to interpret it self in a visionary framework, where nature plays the lead role of the stage in a 'tableau vivant'.

Each photo depicts men and women carrying distant, intimate and cultural memories, and each scenery draws on fairy tales, dreams, ancient myths and iconographic codes belonging to our collective culture.

Federica Falcone

Born in 1988 / Sardinia

lives and works in Paris and Milan

Italian Institute of photography

Accademia di Belle arti di Brera / Milan


Photo-archive Lorenzo Maffei

Encense Magazine

Arena Homme+


Esquire Italia , Esquire Spain

Pixel of Identities , Palazzo Albrizzi / Venice / group exhibition

Honorable Mentions , International Photography Award, portait

Honorable Mentions , International Photography Award , self-portrait

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